06 December 2013

Nip n Tuck Ear Correction

Genetics and hereditary are often inevitable causes of deformity in humans. Sometimes no amount of medicine and surgery can help in retaining or obtaining the original natural condition. However man has known no limits in the field of research, development and application and hence achieved the impossible in many science and technicalities of life.

Protruding ears, difference in the size of both ears or such deformities in humans is a common problem. Many people globally are seen to have misbalanced ears causing undue attention and sometimes extreme awkwardness for the one bearing it. There is an initial stage called splintage which can be performed in early years of life to avoid surgical intervention. The ears are most probably pinned in these years and the problem is eradicated. However if the step is not taken the situation may persist causing the problem to sustain life long, unless however a surgical process is applied.

Conditions like these are a source of great demotivation for the people who endure it and they have to bear a great deal of self-consciousness resulting in a deteriorating confidence. Thanks to the developments in cosmetic science and reconstructive surgery such conditions are addressed and a solution exists for them. We the team of Nip N Tuck under the leadership of the revered and globally respected Surgeon Dr. Mohammad Jawad offer the services of Ear Correction. The ear correction performed is termed as Otoplasty and requires incision behind the ears which would later effectively blend with the creases of the skin.

The surgeon holds great expertise in performing the surgery of ear correction and has made a remarkable name in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Confidential pertinent and timely advice is the essence of effective operations and that remains the aim of Nip N Tuck.

30 November 2013

Dr Mohammad Jawad Offers Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Wrinkles are a sign of aging which a woman specifically dreads. However a loose wrinkly skin is an inevitability of age. Modern innovations in cosmetics and reconstructive sciences have come up with a fine treatment of these wrinkles or scars which may be apparent on the face, hand or even the neck.

Generally coined as PRP, it stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Evidently as the name suggests the therapy involves the injection of patient’s own platelets and fibrin in the affected wrinkled and scarred areas to improve the appearance of the skin. The procedure is simpler than the complicated steps of the plastic surgery and hence could be done in a lesser amount of time.

As we know platelets are responsible for repairing damaged cells and blood vessels in the body however not commonly known is that they also contain growth mechanisms which help in repairing, rejuvenating and reactivating cells of the skin. The procedure involves the use of patient’s natural biology in the treatment of these skin defects and reactivating them. The mechanisms help the body in developing collagen formation and new cells.

Dr. Mohammad Jawad the pioneer surgeon offering the services of PRP holds great expertise in offering quality services and complete satisfaction to the clients and patients visiting him for their cosmetic, reconstructive or plastic needs. The surgeon takes an extra step in ensuring that the patient is completely aware of the intention and requirement he/she holds. Furthermore complete expert advice is then provided by the doctor guiding the patient of every step and action that will be taken.

It is with the full consent and awareness of the patient that any step that shall be taken for surgical or non surgical procedures. It is this wholesome customer experience that makes Dr. Mohammad Jawad a lucrative option for the clients worldwide.

28 November 2013

Performing Mole Excision at Nip N Tuck

Perceiving the way they look, moles can be considered marks of beauty or at times just the opposite. Some people cherish these marks while for some they are just an apparatus to destroy their appearance and look. Moles are actually the growth of cells in clusters instead of a proper and uniform spread throughout the skin. Melanocytes are the cells which take the color of the skin and due to exposure to the sun and environmental factors it adapts to a color of brown or black, hence forming moles.

From the head to the toe, even on the scalp of your head a mole can appear. Usually these moles are harmless but a few can be cancerous. Unless and until your mole shows an odd behavioral change of color or shape, you really don’t need to worry about it.

It is a common observation at Nip N Tuck that people usually get rid of these moles because of cosmetic reasons. However whatever the determinant may be health or cosmetic, there are two ways of getting rid of moles, one is the method of incision and the other is of cauterization. It is believed however incision is a better method in which the surgeon makes an incision on the molar areas and draws out the amount of skin affected while stitching the wound back. The whole procedure takes place under an anesthetic and requires effective post procedural care afterwards. Mole excision may require a treatment covering usually an hour.

Dr. Mohammad Jawad expert cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon has carried out numerous mole excisions while stressing immensely on the requirements of the patient as to what he or she aspires. Confidential advice and consultancies are provided by the doctor for pre and post surgical conditions. Precision of the surgeon is evident in the results displayed.

27 November 2013

Nip N Tuck Offers LPG System

Management of age is an art and requires a great deal of vigilance and pro-activity. The development in the reconstructive and cosmetic surgery has displayed a continuous inclination which has shown evident results in the improvement of the aesthetics of a human body.

From the face to the body LPG System has revolutionized the outlook of the human anatomy. The system works on the science of cell stimulation to regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalize initially the facial skin for defying age symptoms or for reconstructive purposes if incase of scars, burns etc. Using state of the art technology and machines namely the CELLU M6, LIFT M6 and LIPO M6 are used for the treatment normally coined as Endermologie. Be it the loose skin, fibrosis, fluid retention, circulatory disorders and pain in muscles, Endermologie applies the principle of roll and lift which requires the pull of the skin tissue focusing on areas requiring treatment based on the principle of Mechano Stimulation.

Mechano Stimulation as the name suggests stimulates the cells deep down the skin and activates a physiological reaction in terms of activating collagen and elastin production. Nip N Tuck, London founded by Dr. Mohammad Jawad is the renowned reconstructive surgeon who excels in the LPG Systems and has to date presented extraordinary results in the east and the west. The Katie Piper Foundation is an epitome of Dr. Jawad’s services to humanity in terms of reconstructive surgery for the burnt acid attacked victims.

LPG Systems has recognized immense global recognition for its ability to beautify and sculpt the face and the body. The tightening of specifically the loose skin and muscles has offered a solution to a very common and overlooked problem previously. Today people determined to have a presentable and fabulous personality adopt and adapt well to the mechanics of cosmetic science.

20 November 2013

Nip n Tuck Inverted Nipples

Aesthetics and aesthetically pleasing face and body is important to most of us. Previously women were said to be extra conscious of appealing looks and a perfect body but changing and demanding times has put in pressure for the men to ensure a fine toned body and a smart presentable outlook.

Inverted nipples are a common problem although not discussed commonly. The procedure for inverted nipples requires surgery under an anesthetic in which incision is made on the tissue around the nipple area which causes it to retract. Then after setting the nipple to the correct aesthetically position the incision is stitched back carefully by the surgeon. Dr. Mohammad Jawad, globally recognized for his pioneering services in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has performed countless successful surgeries of the body and specifically of nipple correction. Dr. Mohammad Jawad is of the opinion that inverted nipples are a common problem, yet a personal one and a patient needs to have a good confidence in the doctor and share his/her objectives clearly to him.

However certain irritation, soreness or pain may be the after effects of the surgery but with the help of proper precautions and medications it shall go away. The surgery is carried out in about 45 minutes while around for 7 to 10 days the wound needs to be covered and to be maintained dryly. Bathing and other activities which may require exposure to wetness or water must be avoided for the wound to heal quickly and fully.

Nip n Tuck Surgery London houses state of the art facilities and expert practitioners offering the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons who with utmost confidentiality discuss and look over your problems carefully planning the course of operatives required for the objectives outlined by our patients. It is the sense of fulfillment of our patients which is the final aim at Nip n Tuck.

29 October 2013

Eye Bag Removal at Nip n Tuck

Eye bags are synonymous to a haggard tired look which may be apparent due to stress, poor sleeping patterns, or simply heredity. The remedy of the removal of these eye bags is an issue whose remedy people from the most ancient and oldest of times have developed and some are still in vogue.

Medical science however has developed today procedures which address the concerns aptly. Performed under an anesthetic Blespharoplasty is the procedure employed for the removal of the most common global problem of eye bags. The procedure employs the creation of small incisions in the natural folds of the upper eye lids while the lower lid surgery requires the incisions just below the lashes. The idea behind the whole surgery is to tighten and remove the excess skin and tissue finalizing it with very fine stitching. Though some marks may persist but they are short lived and shall be done away with time.

Dr. Mohammad Jawad the founder of Nip N Tuck holds great expertise in the procedure and has to date carried out numerous satisfactory surgeries of eye bag removal, giving back the freshness of the eye and face to the patient. Holding a firm background of a reconstructive, cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Jawad has carved his way as an expert and most trusted in the field.

The surgeon is a true professional and follows a methodology in which there is an initial procedure of consultation where the patient is guided of every detail and step which he shall undergo for the results he/she seeks. The requirements of the procedure, precautions and possible post operative symptoms are communicated to remove any sort of ambiguity during or after the procedure. Dr. Mohammad Jawad with his team has developed a significant stance in the cosmetic surgeries and the results achieved are evident internationally.

20 October 2013

Nip n Tuck Offering Quality Services at Excellent Prices

Health is wealth. Hence a healthy, sturdy and fit body is an ambition of all. However time limitations and exhaustive daily schedules leave little space for us to give proper consideration to our health and physical check in the form of exercise and diet. Alternatives have been introduced with time for addressing the issue of a wilting body and deteriorating physical features. Cosmetic Surgery is one of the innovations of science which has led people into believing that youth and vitality could be bottled up for a certain period of time.

Dr. Alex Karidis, one of the most respected UK’s cosmetic surgeons offers the solution to all such concerns which one feels as a result of aging. Be it a simple facial uplifting surgery or the complex breast augmentation surgery, Nip n Tuck can offer you the best and the widest choice of solutions for you to choose from.

What more? Nip n Tuck offers all these services in the most reasonable of the prices, keeping in mind the complexity of the surgery. We have on open door policy for our prices for various surgical procedures, realizing and offering an open picture to our clients without holding any hidden agenda. We provide the most convenient of the atmosphere for our clients, promising quality procedures with timely operatives by the most experienced and qualified staff.

However it’s of paramount importance to us and our clients that the prices we offer are compatible to the services we provide, so that the value of our services match up to the prices we quote. It should be well established as a fact that Nip and Tuck has in no way a money minded, loop sided approach believing in getting every penny we can out of our patients. On the contrary we empathize fully with the physical concerns of our clients making them an offer which relieves them off the burden of second thoughts and unnecessary stress.